RUMOR PATROL: Will Smith’s Deadshot to appear in Batman Solo Film?


It’s rumor time y’all. This weeks topic: Will Smith’s Deadshot is being said to appear in the upcoming Batman solo film. Although if Deadshot is in it, it’ll be a slightly less “solo” film. Anyway, here’s what we know on the topic.

First off, we already know that Will Smith has already signed on to a multi-picture deal as Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot in the DC Extended Universe. But, according to Latino Review, they have sources telling them that Smith’s Deadshot may be appearing in the Dark Knight’s next film, and that the two of them might even be working together in the film.

It’s already known that Deadshot is going to be present to witness Jared Leto’s Joker’s Madness up close and personal in next year’s Suicide Squad, and we also know that Batman is going to be in that film himself, so maybe those events -whatever they turn out to be- will all come together and will explain why Deadshot would be working together with the caped crusader.

It wouldn’t exactly be a shocker to see Affleck and Smith, both A-listers, teaming up for this film. Smith, already saying before that he wanted to help the DCEU expand, and being described a natural leader both in the film and as an actor on set by his cast members, and Affleck  working both in front of and (possibly) behind the camera directing, this wouldn’t be a bad team-up at all. All that would be needed is a great story and surely all the fans would be sold.

Keep in mind that these are still rumors and nothing is set in stone. However this looks more likely to happen than not, so we’ll just have to see how this news pans out.

How do you feel about Deadshot appearing in the future Batman film? Would you prefer another hero or villain for Batman to team up with? Let us know in the comment section below.

The Untitled Batman film has no solid release date yet, but is scheduled for 2018 for the time being.


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