New Wonder Woman Images Back up WWI Rumors


We love it when rumors are eventually proven true, and it looks like one regarding the Amazon princess of Themyscira has come to light. The plot for the upcoming solo outing for Wonder Woman was previously rumored to have been revealed, and it included the news that the storyline would be set in two different time periods: both in a Modern day setting and also a World War I era.

Courtesy of Film Hype and Daily Mail, we have some images of Gal Gadot as Diana Prince, Wonder Woman’s civilian “disguise”, and Chris Pine as American Air Force pilot Steve Trevor in civilian clothing. Clearly by the way they’re dressed, this scene is shot in different time period. Gadot, as described by Daily Mail, is seen wearing a “long, slate-grey coat, which was cinched in at the waist with a tan leather belt…wrapped up warm in a blue padded jacket and a pair of black woolly gloves…brown lace-up boots and a wide-brimmed fedora hat, with a white shirt beneath.” Pine’s get up is described as “Wearing a brown leather aviator jacket and matching trousers…beige knee-high socks, covering up in a khaki parka coat with fur lining…his look was topped off with a navy baker boy hat and leather gloves, carrying a canvas rucksack for the role. Beneath his baker boy hat, Chris also appeared to go shaven-headed as Steve Trevor.”

You can view a few of the images below:


How much of the film will be shot in the past is yet to be known, but the fact that we know of a rumor coming true gives a little more credibility to the other supposed rumors, so it’s possible that we could get some more character reveals soon and maybe more legitimate news of the plot. We’ll keep you posted.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to release on June 23rd, 2017.




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