Batman V Superman: Sneak Peek Airing During Gotham Fall Finale

With less than a year left until one of the most highly anticipated superhero films of all time debuts, it’s excepted that we’ll be treated to a considerable increase of promo for Batman V  Superman: Dawn of Justice. We’ve already seen two trailers and plenty of pictures, but with something this huge, fans are expecting to see glimpses of new footage for them to analyze and geek out over. Luckily, they don’t have to wait much longer.

BvS producer Charles Roven claimed a few weeks back that we could expect to see some new goodies from the film “before the end of the year.”  Now it’s clear when that will be.

In a video featuring Gotham’s cast (which you can view above, or here), they discuss the age old debate of whether Batman or Superman would win in a fight (hint: most of their answers shouldn’t surprise you). Afterwards it’s said that we can catch an exclusive sneak peek of Batman V Superman during the midseason finale.

It was previously rumored that there would be a Superman-themed trailer released during the Supergirl pilot episode in accordance with a Batman-themed trailer released during the season two premiere of Gotham, however this was false.  It’s still possible that this could happen, but there hasn’t been any recurring news on the subject.

Whether or not Gotham will continue to be one of the marketing strategies used to promote the upcoming film is yet to be known, but it wouldn’t be terrible, seeing as that could help boost ratings and also cause a bit of excitement among fans. Either way when we find out more, we’ll have the scoop here.

Gotham’s fall finale will air on FOX on November 30th, 8pm CST.



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