RUMOR PATROL: Nicole Kidman In Talks for Wonder Woman Role?


It look’s like Warner Bros./DC are trying to score some serious talent to act in their live action adaptation of Wonder Woman. 

It was previously stated that Chris Pine (Star Trek) would be reprising the role of Steve Trevor in the amazon princess’ big screen debut. Now, rumor has it that the studios are trying to get award winning actress Nicole Kidman (The Others, The Golden Compass) to helm a major role in the film. But not just any role. the reports are saying that Kidman is in talks to play a quite significant role in Themyscira, the Amazon Island in which Princess Diana helms from.

Now when you think of anyone playing a significant role in Themyscira, the first person to come to mind besides Wonder Woman is her biological mother, Queen Hyppolyta. While it would be great to see Kidman take on the role as major as the queen of an island inhabited by amazon warriors, you have to think about the obvious differences between her and Gal Gadot, the actress playing Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Gadot is an Israeli actress, and Kidman is an Australian-American actress. The biggest difference is the tone of their skin. Unless the actor who would be playing Zeus (Wonder Woman’s biological father) had a similar skin tone, then it could raise a few questions.  If the producers decided to make them mother and daughter, it could raise a few questions. On the other hand, seeing as how casting isn’t seen as “black and white” anymore in this day and age, surely most people would be fine with it and accept it.

This is all based on statements by TheWrapand with so little to go off of, it’s hard to prove the veracity in these statements. As soon as the truth comes to light, we’ll make sure to give you all the official news. Either way, would you like to see Nicole Kidman as the queen of Themyscira, or would you rather see her in another role? Let us know in the comment section below.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to release on June 23rd, 2017


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