Sons of Anarchy’s Tom Flanagan Cast as The Knife in Gotham

maxresdefault (1)

It seems as though we’ve been hearing of a new villain being added to the already spectacular lineup of evildoers in FOX’s Gotham just about everyday. Following the news of B.D. Wong being cast as Hugo Strange, it’s now being announced that Scottish actor Tom Flanagan is set to reprise the role of The Knife in the series that shows how Bruce Wayne came to be the caped crusader we know today.

We’ve already know Flanagan was going to be involved in Gotham, since he posted a picture on his twitter almost a month ago:

CQ2j2f9UsAAT9MB (1)

The strangest thing about this is that Flanagan’s character has no history in batman mythos or in comic books at all -similar to Jada Pinkett Smith’s Fish Mooney. He is a new character. Thanks to though, we have a fair description of what to expect from his character:

“The Knife is one of Gotham’s most dangerous denizens. His charming, stylish shell and good humor mask a remorseless hitman whose skills are at the service of the highest bidder. He will sit with you, laugh with you, and then cut your throat.”

Tom Flanagan is best known for his role as Scottish drug/weapon smuggling, motorcycle club member Chibs in the FX series Sons of Anarchy. Seeing as how his past character was involved in the criminal lifestyle, this could help him usher in a similar type of role for The Knife. Hopefully he’ll be able to differentiate from other henchmench in the show – such as  Zsasz, who has existed in batman mythos- and become something fresh, but also haunting. Something needed in the second season based on the rise of villains.


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