Gotham cast B.D. Wong As Hugo Strange


FOX’s Gotham has rapidly been expanding the number of villains in their series that explains how Gotham became the city became to be the way it is when Bruce Wayne finally decides to transform into the caped crusader. Recently though, it’s been announced (via an exclusive by, that American actor B.D. wong will be portraying Hugo Strange in the show.

While speaking to, Fox explains that in the show, Strange “appears altruistic, but he harbors a dark secret” that eventually makes him “Gotham’s greatest threat.”

It makes sense to introduce Strange soon, seeing as how Indian Hill – a place described previously as a “toxic waste dump on top of an Indian burial ground that holds monsters who are experimented on” – was finally brought into the past episode. In the show, Strange will be in charge of Arkham Asylum, while ultimately also being behind the strange (pun not intended) happenings at Indian Hill. According to Fox, “Indian Hill is officially a black-ops program run by Wayne Enterprises, dedicated to creating the ultimate super human… of super villain.” 

B.D. Wong, is most famously known for his roles in Jurassic Park and Jurassic World, but also as Dr. George Huang, a psychiatrist and profiler on Law & Order: SVU. His past experience in just these roles alone should aid him while he tries to bring Strange to life on the small screen, especially since he was a doctor in most of them. Can’t go Wong (SORRY) with that.


Whether or not Wong will have Strange’s signature look as portrayed in the comics, animated features, and even video games is yet to be announced, but it’s quite likely that will be the case. Gotham has done a decent job of keeping the characters looking similar to the source material (since nothing else on that show seems to be the same), so by the time we see his debut, it should be a real treat.

Gotham airs on FOX every Monday at 8pm CST.


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