The Flash: Firestorm, Vibe, Harrison Wells, King Shark, and Wally West?


This Tuesday’s episode of CW’s The Flash was jam-packed with multiple things that could change the direction the second season of the show is going in. Luckily we’re here to break it all down for you, and maybe even show you some things you may have missed.


This week we got our first look at the new Firestorm, composed of Professor stein (Victor Garber) and newcomer Jefferson “Jax” Jackson (Franz Drameh) (who was affected by the particle accelerator the same way as Ronnie Raymond and Stein). After a failed attempt by Henry Hewitt -aka TOKAMAK in the comics- Jax was shown as more compatible with Stein, and they took down an enraged Hewitt at the end with the help of the Flash. By the end of the episode, Stein tells the team that him and Jax will be leaving to get some help from a colleague in Pittsburgh on how to better control their abilities. He also left with some parting advice for Cisco on his new found abilities: “The very thing that makes you different is what makes you special”. We’ll speak more on that later.  It’s likely that this isn’t the last that we’ll see of these two on Flash, but regardless the pair will be seen in 2016’s Legends of Tomorrow.


Onto the future of Cisco Ramon, also know by comic book fans as JLA member, Vibe. In the show, Cisco, (Played by Carlos Valdes) is a close friend of the Flash, and also his tech-guy. By the end of season two, it was shown that Cisco’s was affected by the particle accelerator, and his dormant powers came into play by the start of season two. Surprisingly, Cisco hasn’t told anyone about these abilities (minus professor Stein, who encouraged him to), so will he become the hero we know he’s destined to be?

According to executive producer Andrew Kreisberg, he will. Here’s a quote from Kriesberg on the topic:

“I don’t want to give too much away, but yeah. One of the things for him is this evil man said, ‘I gave you this gift,’ and he’s seen what happened to the other metahumans. Good or bad intentions, they all go nuts and they all get locked up. Cisco’s really scared. He doesn’t see what the benefit is yet. He doesn’t see that it really is a gift and he doesn’t see that it is a blessing and a power that can be used to help people. Right now, all he sees is the nightmare. That’s what’s really scary for him…..It’s not like he woke up and he can fly, Not only is he scared about what it means to be a meta-human and all of that. He also feels like he drew the short straw. ‘Barry got super speed and Ronnie gets to fly and me, I get these blinding headache nightmare visions of people being killed.’ It’s not at first blush the most heroic way to step into the world.”

It positive that we’ll see Cisco suit up and eventually become Vibe, but it’s going to take him some time to cozy up to the powers he’s been given clearly. We’ll just see how long it takes him.


One of the biggest things that happened in Tuesday’s episode of the flash was the appearance of Earth 2’s Harrison Wells (FUN FACT: Harrison Wells has died twice on this show already, but he keeps coming back. Not really a “fun” fact, but yeah). It’s still not clear whether or not this version of Wells is a good or bad guy, (good guys usually don’t break into labs and steal high-tech weaponry, though). However, he did help Barry after being attacked by King Shark (yes, king shark. More on that later). His role in the season is still unclear, but we know that he isn’t the same Harrison Wells that killed Barry’s mom,  so seeing how they interact in next week’s episode should be a real treat.


Now onto King Shark. Right off the bat, a name like that is really intense. A villain not well known, even by some die hard comic book fans, King Shark is someone never expected to been seen in the Flash, or any live-action adaptation to be honest. It’s not likely he will be a recurring character in the show either like past CGI-generated character Gorilla Grodd. Andrew Kriesberg goes further into King Sharks live-action creation:

“King Shark came from…we actually put him in the comic book adaptation because we said, ‘No one’s every going to let us do this, and we’re never going to be able to do this,’ since we weren’t going to be using the Squad anymore. We were talking about it and it was really Todd Helbing who was just like, ‘Yeah, let’s do it.’ It was a very expensive thirty seconds of the show. Our visual effects team are the best and they really love challenges like this. We’re like, ‘Can we do King Shark?’ Armen Kevorkian, who is the head of our team, got so excited. It was probably the thing that he sent me the most, ‘Check it out. Here’s how it’s coming.’ I literally can’t believe that. That’s beyond feature quality. They realize it so well.”

For those who don’t know about King Shark, is basically a man-shark hybrid. Before Flashpoint changed most of the things in the DC comic book world, he was depicted as a great white shark. However post-Flashpoint, he seemed to be reimagined as a hammerhead shark. He made his debut as a villain in Superboy comics and is associated with the Secret Society of Super Villains.

We’ve now seen a CGI Gorilla Grodd, and CGI King Shark. Who’s next? Stay tuned to find out.


Finally, probably the biggest reveal from the whole episode, is the confirmation of Wally West’s (aka Kid Flash) existence in the show’s universe.

While having a talk with her mother (who we learned has a terminal illness, ouch), Iris reminds her mom that she’s an investigative reporter and uncovering things is what she does for a living. Iris revealed that she knows about her brother -which her mom so kindly never mentioned to anyone- and it becomes pretty clear that this brother of hers is going to be none other than Wally West. Once again, Kriesberg opens up on this topic too:

“We sort of had this idea, just like with any of the shows that we do, we kind of have these ideas in the previous season. We always knew we were leading up to this. We always hated on TV shows where it’s year two and somebody’s, ‘Well, Cousin John’s coming,’ and it’s like, ‘Oh, good old Cousin John,’ who no one ever mentioned before. It was weird, the notion that they don’t know Wally, and that was sort of where it came from. That was the idea that Francine was still alive and then that whole storyline. Iris is now in the position that Barry was in last season year. She is keeping a secret to protect somebody. She’s going to find that for all of her anger at Barry and Joe from last year, keeping this secret is not going to be so easy. It’s going to be weighing on her before she finally decides to take some action in an upcoming episode.”

As to when Iris will speak out on this is yet to be announced, but we’re sure it’ll be soon enough.

We definitely realize that this was a lot of information being thrown at you, but this episode had a lot of major things happening in it. Did we miss anything else that was big? Give us your thoughts and feedback below on everything you read.

The Flash airs on The CW every Tuesday at 8/7 pm CST


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