Batman V Superman: Batman’s Advantage Over Superman Explained By Zack Snyder


For decades, there has always been a debate that comic book fans have never been able to truly answer: Who would win in a fight between Batman and Superman? Now if you didn’t know a thing about either character at all and i came up to and told you that Superman is an alien with super strength, invulnerability, heat vision, flight, etc., and Batman is a regular human, but he’s extremely skilled in hand-to-hand combat, plus he’s smart and has a lot of gadgets, then you’d more than likely pick Supes as the winner of that fight. However, anyone well versed in the history of Batman and Superman know it isn’t ever that simple. In most cases, it’s shown that Batman actually has the upper hand in their fights, and in Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice, it seems that will be the case.

Director Zack Snyder has been going for “grounded” approach with this movie, and he wanted it to have ideas and problems that could be fit into our current world. The problem is, how do you make a film seem “grounded” while you have an alien and a human fighting each other as equals? Speaking to Total Film, Snyder explains that “The advantage that Batman has is the goodness of Superman, the compliance to fair play that Superman has… Batman knows how to exploit Superman.”

Superman has always been called a boy scout, meaning that he’s soft and good-natured at heart, and in the film, this will be his weakness that Batman will exploit.


Obviously, Batman isn’t going to just distract Superman by messing with his feelings. He’s still going to give him a good pounding, and we’re saying it’s a safe bet that there will eventually be some Kryptonite involved in that. Whether he wears it on a ring, or if he lines the armored batsuit (which we’ve learned is 100% CGI in the film) with it is yet to be announced.

Zack Snyder’s approach to the film seems to be working so far, considering a few of the top dogs at Warner Bros. saw a bit of the film and gave it a standing ovation. Hopefully his description of how Batman will exploit Superman’s weakness will be portrayed in a way similar to the source material, but will somehow still be original and unique to this film.

Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is scheduled to release on March 25th, 2016


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