RUMOR PATROL: Wonder Woman Solo Movie Plot and Major Villains Revealed?


Another day, another rumor. This time around it’s about Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. There has actually been very little shared about Wonder Woman’s upcoming solo outing other than the fact that we know who’s playing the Titular Character, Chris Pine is (supposedly) playing Steve Trevor, and Patty Jenkins (Monster) is the current Director in place. But now according to JoBlo, we may now know the plot of the film. This next bit of information may be considered as spoilers to anyone who wishes to be kept in the dark about this film. You’ve been warned.

Now, to sum up what we’ve seen, it seems that one of the main rumors is that the film will be based in two different time frames: modern day, and during World War I. The movie is said to be using the source material from the new 52 version of Wonder Woman, where she is the daughter of Zeus, rather than her being molded out of clay like her original origin. Also, the film is set to be heavily influenced by the mystical and mythological part of Wonder Woman’s stories. This would help back up the rumors that the main villains in the film will be Aries (said to be played by Sean Bean) and Circe (said to be played by Eva Green), two of Wonder Woman’s many foes. The supposed plot of the film will mostly revolve around the modern day with flashbacks of Wonder Woman during WWI. In the modern day, Diana/Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor are trying to prevent Circe from basically starting World War III (which she does by manipulating high-ranking officials in the government with her powers). Circe is said to be helped by Aries, which is where the WWI era ties in. After learning about his involvement, this makes Diana have to explain to Trevor her past with Aries, and the battle they had during World War I. It’s not specified whether that’s actually going to be a flashback, or if it is the beginning of the film though. The biggest curve ball of all this news is that all of the events in the movie apparently take place before the events in Batman Vs Superman, which is set to release before that, and maybe even bigger news is that Ben Affleck’s Batman may make an appearance in the film himself. If this is true, then this is very big news. That means that Batman and Wonder Woman may already have some back story before BvS takes place, which could influence how they interact with each other in the movie.


Now if all of these things happen, that’ll be fantastic, and it should turn out to be an outstanding film. If not, then they’ll more than likely have another great story line planned soon enough. Either way, it’s good to see news about this long-deserved solo outing for Wonder Woman. Whether these rumors will end up being true or not is yet to be known, but until then, as always, take this all with a grain of salt.

Wonder Woman is scheduled to release on June 23rd, 2017



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