Jessica Jones Full Length Trailer Released

Marvel’s Cinematic Universe has expanded from the big screen, to the small screen, and with this years release of Daredevil, it has expanded to the realm of Netflix due to a deal that includes 4 other Marvel shows that have yet to be released. Among those shows is Jessica Jones, which has received it’s first full length trailer earlier today.

The show is going to be based off of the the titular character Jessica Campbell Jones, a superhero turned private detective after a tremendously traumatizing experience with Zebediah Killgrave, aka Purple Man, in which he held her captive for 8 months and abused her sexually and physically.It seems like at least season one will be based off of her comic book series Alias, which explores her life after she’s already hung up the metaphorical cape and takes on the occupation of a private eye after opening her detective agency, named Alias.

The trailer starts with Jones beating a man up and throwing him through a window (which was a nod to the comics, seeing as how it’s first issue began the same way). Later in the trailer, we get a glimpse of her taking off in flight (one of her powers), and then a scene of her taking down a couple of street-level thugs with the help of her enhanced strength. As the trailer moves forward, there’s a montage of violence, some steamy sexual interaction with Jones and Luke Cage (played by Mike Colter), plenty of blood, gunshots, and fire. Then, we’re able to see Purple Man use his mind control powers firsthand as he forces someone to invite him into their house. Other things happen in the trailer, but what caps it off is when Jones says “God didn’t do this, the devil did. And I’m going to find him.” This leaves fans wanting more and looking forward to seeing her face her demons on this journey. It’s clear by just the trailer alone that this show is following the dark and haunting tone created by Daredevil, but with the story they plan to tell, it may be even darker, which may make it some of the most grim and somber stuff marvel has brought to life. You can see the trailer for the show above.

Jessica Jones is scheduled to release on November 20th, 2015



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