Just How ‘Grounded’ is Batman V Superman Going To Be?


It’s already been established that the folks at Warner Bros./DC are trying to carve their own clear path with their ‘Extended Universe’, which is basically their version of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe). Only, at the same time, it’s completely different in terms of the stories and tone. We’re all well aware of the Marvel Studios’ formula: Fun and campy superhero films with a lot of one-liners and themes that partially exploring serious situations, but never getting too dark or noir with them. They haven’t even had a serious death in any of the films until just recently with this year’s Age of Ultron where Quicksilver met his swift – pun not intended- and untimely demise. We’re definitely not bashing on the movies, by the way. We’re just stating that this is how they’ve operated thus far and it works for them, especially since their films are more family-oriented. WB/DC won’t be following this same formula though.


During an interview with We Got This Covered, Scoot McNairy (an actor in BvS whose role has yet to be announced) stated that Dawn of Justice “is the superhero film that is more grounded in reality than any of the other ones. It’s a comic book movie, yes, but it’s very, very grounded.”

Obviously, there isn’t much to take from just that statement, but after watching the trailers and hearing how things are going to play out in this film, it seems very likely that Zack Snyder is trying to take Christopher Nolan’s approach with The Dark Knight, but make it even darker and grittier in his own way. Also, after watching the rebooted Superman in the recent Man of Steel film, you’d notice him not being the boy scout we’re so used to seeing, but rather him almost not having any regard for civilian casualties while fighting an enemy, basically destroying an entire city in the process, and he even goes as far as to killing the enemy in the end (which is not what Supes is about, ever).

Clearly Snyder is working hard to separate the tone in these superhero movies from Marvel’s, and its working well for him. It’s looking like by the time Batman V Superman comes out, it’ll be considered one of the most grounded and realistic superhero films to date. Well, as grounded and realistic a movie can be with an alien flying around in tights and a bright red cape fighting a man… dressed as a bat.

Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice is Scheduled to release on March 25th, 2016


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