Gotham’s Ben McKenzie Opens Up On James Gordon’s Fall Into The Darkness


If you’ve been keeping up with FOX’s Gotham, then you probably know that main character James “Jim” Gordon (played by Ben Mckenzie) is trying to stay on the straight and narrow path as a detective in the GCPD, but apparently as the season progresses, its only going to get harder for that to happen.


At the beginning of season 1, to show his “loyalty” to the criminal underground of Gotham – who had most of the police officers at the GCPD paid off to look the other way when they do illegal things – he was tasked with killing The Penguin (Robin Lord Taylor). However, he pretended to take him out, and eventually the two started doing favors for each other. One of these favors involves Gordon asking Penguin to get him back on the police force after being fired, but Penguin refuses to do this unless Jim does a bit of his dirty work in return. Jim desperately wants to be back on the force, so he reluctantly agrees, but ends up killing a man in the process of completing the favor. Now, clearly for someone trying to stay on the straight and narrow, killing someone and asking criminals for favors isn’t the best course of action, and according to Ben McKenzie, things are only gonna get worse.

In an interview with, McKenzie states that Gordon is going to “fall so far that his morality is going to be pretty severely compromised”. Then, he later goes on to say that a scene is being shot soon that sort of reflects on the scene i spoke on earlier when Gordon was supposed to kill Penguin. He says “I think the Gordon now would look at that Gordon with respect, but also as naive. Also with a bit of yearning to be that guy again.” He then explains that “Old Gordon would look at the new Gordon with scorn. New Gordon looks at old Gordon as a chump.”

McKenzie’s comments can really make you wonder what direction they plan to take Jim Gordon in, and just how far will he stray from the light? Also, how will he eventually make his way back there? Stay tuned to season 2 to find out.

Gotham airs on FOX every Monday at 8pm CST.


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